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Upcoming events

Invitation to Ritherdens Farm Visit

Please join us for a farm visit to the Ritherdens Farm 5th July 2017       

First VikingGenetics flush contract in Norway

For the first time ever, VikingGenetics has recently entered a flush contract on a Holstein heifer in Norway.        

Join a web based seminar about hoof health

We would like to invite you to join a web based seminar about hoof health. We are going to give you some information on our...       

VikingGenetics UK

VikingGenetics is excited to announce the launch of their new subsidiary company in the United Kingdom. VikingGenetics UK...       

Super conformation and protein - VJ Hjorri

VJ Hjorri is out of the DJ Holmer daughter and is bred in the Hoeholt herd in Denmark. Over the last year, two other top...       
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