Improve both production and daughter fertility with VikingRed

Over the last 20 years, VikingRed has achieved a great genetic increase in production and at the same time an increase in the fertility index. Normally when breeding for a higher production, daughter fertility will decrease since production and fertility have a strong negative correlation (-28% for RDC). 

In the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) for VikingRed, production has the highest weight and fertility has the second highest weight. That means that by breeding for higher NTM you will get an increase in both fertility and production.    
Positive development in production and daughter fertility

Below you can see the increase for the genetic level in the VikingRed bulls for production and fertility. Production has increased by 26 units while fertility has increased by 6 units. VikingRed was created in 2008 and is the breeding program for the red breeds in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.  

Genomic selection was introduced in VikingRed around 2010 and has had a positive impact on the genetic level of VikingRed bulls. Genomic selection has increased genetic progress in fertility and at the same time also sped up progress for production.   

Genetic trend for Production index and Daughter Fertility index - VikingRed bulls 2006-2018. Source: NAV (2019)
Genetic improvement

If you are looking for bulls with excellent daughter fertility and great production, you should check out the VikingRed fertility bulls. They will bring improvements in daughter fertility and at the same time deliver genetic progress in production. Bulls with a high genetic level for daughter fertility and production create extra value for your dairy business. 

You may ask how much improvement in daughter fertility you can expect by selecting a sire with a breeding value (EBV) 110 and 120 for a specific sub-trait under the daughter fertility and production index. Take a look at the performance of the daughters of a bull with EBV 110 and 120 compared to the bull with EBV 100 for VikingRed: 
  EBV 100 / population average EBV 110 EBV 120
 Kg milk 305 days  9,627 +349 +698
 Kg protein 305 days 338 +10.6 +21.3
 Kg fat 305 days 419 +13.5 +27.1
 Days from the first to last insemination, cows 46 days -8% -17%
 Conception rate, cows 59% +4% +8%

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