VikingHolstein shows daughter proven bull power

The group of daughter proven VikingHolstein bulls has never been stronger than it is today. Extremely high-quality and reliable data from daughters in the Nordic registration system confirms that the breeding scheme in VikingGenetics is providing superior cows for farmers all over the world.
In the list you can findappealing bulls. The highest NTM ranking bull is VH Bosman (Balisto x G-Force) with +35. He has 4,200 daughters in his proofs and they show tremendous production.
The verypopular VH Bernell (Bube x VH Salomon) has NTM +31 and that is based on almost 4,600 daughters that are strong high-producing and healthy cows.
VH Brook (Balisto x Denim) NTM +30, VH Broback (Balisto x VH Mandel) NTM +28 and VH Dent RC (Debutant x G-Force) NTM +27 are all strong production bulls that improve their NTM levels when daughters get further in production and health traits become more reliable.
VH Manfolk (VH Mozart x D Jul) NTM +30 is the new star that confirms the fact that VikingHolsteins are medium-sized cows that are feed-efficient and produce high levels of milk and solid.
VH Sparky (VH Suarez x VH Salomon) NTM +23 has outstanding female fertility and hoof health.
VikingHolstein – healthy and efficient cows
Daughter proven VikingHolstein bulls
 VH Bosman
 VH Oggy
 VH Odense
 VH Bernell
 VH Salomon
 VH Manfolk
 VH Mozart
 D Jul
 VH Brook
 VH Broback
 VH Mandel
 VH Dent RC
 VH Sparky
 VH Suarez
 VH Salomon
 VH Cosmo
 VH Clark

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