Strategic alliances to strengthen VikingJersey

VikingJersey is expanding its breeding programme through cooperation agreements with strong partners in the United Kingdom, Norway and France.

Closer cooperation between major Jersey populations in Europe will strengthen the VikingJersey breeding programme, for the benefit of breeders that support and follow the breeding goal reflected in the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) which focuses on balancing health, fertility and production.

Over the last year, three important agreements have been signed with relevant Jersey associations and the breeding procedures to get the most beneficial results have started in the populations concerned. 
The main goals:
  • increasing genetic progress for the Jersey breed
  • identifying more potential breeding animals
  • increasing the pedigree diversity
  • lowering inbreeding levels
  • creating more interest in breeding among members of the Jersey associations concerned. 
The new breeding agreements have been initiated with the following associations:
UK Jerseys
  • Has the second largest Jersey population in Europe and very interesting pedigree combinations in the population.
  • ·         All breeding programme procedures will be as in VikingGenetics countries.
  • Starting to screen and test the best animals in October 2019.
Norwegian Jersey
  • Has a long tradition of using Danish Jersey/VikingJersey bulls.
  • All breeding programme procedures will be as in VikingGenetics countries.
  • Breeding value estimates will be done in the Nordic evaluation system (NAV).
  • Herds are using the VikMate breeding programme.
Evolution (French Jerseys)
  • Cooperation started in June 2018, with all breeding programme procedures as in VikingGenetics  countries.
  • Classification with Danish software. 

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