VikingGenetics is taking all the necessary actions to avoid spreading of the Coronavirus, after the classification of COVID-19 as a pandemic and aligned with the recommendation from the government in all our home markets. 
In this respect, VikingGenetics has decided to implement a detailed protocol to both protect employees in the light of the spreading of the COVID-19 and keep the production running with high efficiency. These actions have an immediate effect and implicate that our employees will work from home, visits to our facilities will be cancelled in all our home countries: Denmark, Sweden and Finland as well as in our subsidiaries in The United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. Besides, events, expos, meetings and farm visits are from today postponed until further notice. 

As it is critical for our business to keep the work going in barns, labs and distribution, these areas will continue to function normally, taking the necessary measures for the protection of our staff and our animals. 

We expect these measures to continue for two weeks, until further notice. Please see our website for updates:

At VikingGenetics everybody is doing its outmost in keeping our health and business up

If you have any questions, please contact your regular contact person or our HQ on +45 8795 9400


VikingGenetics UK is taking all the necessary actions to avoid spreading of the Coronavirus, aligned with the recommendations from the UK Government. 

There will be no farm calls made by any VikingGenetics sales representatives to any farms until further notice, should you need to contact your account manager they will of course be available by phone or email.

We would like to assure you it is business as usual as far as semen supply goes,
with good stocks and we will distribute semen supporting our customers as usual.

Our storage and distribution partners have also been briefed and are implementing the necessary precautions needed when making deliveries to farm.

Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions

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