No fuss VikingHolsteins are the ideal commercial cow at the farm of Jorgen Pedersen in Denmark  

Jorgen Pedersen and his wife run their farm in Vildbjerg, Denmark, where they have 375 Holstein cows. They bought the farm 29 years ago and started farming with 65 cows. Now their 20-year old son runs operations with a clear strategy to achieve high genetic progress. 
“We genomic test all our animals and the information this provides is invaluable in helping us to select which animals we want to breed for beef and which ones with X-Vik (sexed semen). We have decided to use X-Vik for the very best females that make up 30-40% of the herd while lower end is inseminating with beef semen,” Pedersen explains. 
The family select sires that produce cows with udders suited for their six milking robots. “We focus on milking speed to optimise the use of the milking robots in the summer, when the cows are out to grass, as this enables us to milk many cows in a short period,” he adds.
He says he looks for cows you don’t notice because this indicates they have a good temperament and are comfortable with the milking robot, they milk fast with high yield and do not require any additional veterinary care related to diseases.
Pedersen adds that from them VikingHolsteins are the optimal cow. “For the simple reason that they produce the most milk and nothing has yet convinced me otherwise,” he proudly says of his cows. He thinks that as a breed, the VikingHolstein has reached a satisfactory level where they are very healthy, high producing and seldom have any problems. 
His production numbers are very impressive too. Over the past year he has produced 12,929 kg milk ECM (Energy Corrected Milk) with 3.78% Fat and 3.54% protein. 
This combination of healthy and productive cows is one he aims to continue to breed with reliable information from VikingGenetics.  “We look for higher longevity, and set a minimum requirement for yield,” Pedersen explains. He is confident all VikingGenetics bulls meet with these requirements as all information is backed by a huge volume of reliable data. 
“VikingGenetics looks out for the needs of farmers and aims to offer us the best for our herds. I believe VikingGenetics is doing a good job in its research and development to improve my herd and those of other farmers,” Pedersen says. 

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