Nordic cattle breeding company VikingGenetics is pleased to announce that Henrik Biilmann is appointed as CEO starting 1 February 2020.

Henrik Biilmann is an experienced international leader from the farmer-owned cooperatives, ARLA Foods Amba, and most recently in his current position as CEO of Friland, a subsidiary of Danish Crown Group, which focuses on organic and free-range pork and beef production.
After the previous CEO, Rex A. Clausager, resigned the position in May, the Board of Directors started the search for a new CEO.

“VikingGenetics is developing strongly with a clear strategic direction. It has been important for us to find a new CEO who would both understand and respect our strong cooperative roots and, at the same time, be able to continuously innovate and drive the commercial development of VikingGenetics. With Henrik’s experience from ARLA and Friland, Henrik has a proven track record of creating results within farmer-owned cooperatives.”, says Chairman of the Board of VikingGenetics, Lars-Inge Gunnarsson and adds:

“We have had a strong selection of candidates for the position, which has enabled us to select an experienced CEO, with strong leadership skills. In his position at Friland, Henrik also has experience in positioning a brand with focus on sustainable production, which we believe is a good fit with VikingGenetics’ ambitions.”
Since 2013 Henrik Biilmann has been the CEO of Friland but had no doubts when accepting the job at VikingGenetics.

“I am very excited to get started with this new challenge and meet the VikingGenetics team. I see VikingGenetics as a cooperative with very close ties to the farmers both internationally and in the home markets, and I’m looking forward to meeting the members in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and the international customers and partners as well. Coming from the cooperative world, I’m fully aware of the obligation of adding value to the members and customers.” Says Henrik and continues:
“I think the company has had a very interesting development since the very beginning. I see VikingGenetics as a data-driven and innovative company, bringing cutting-edge products to the market, and being a key player that drives a profitable and sustainable dairy industry forward through innovative solutions and genetic material. I look forward taking part in the continuation and further development of the business”.

Henrik Biilmann lives in Stavtrup in the southern outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark, is 49 years old, married to Kirsten and has two daughters aged 18 and 15.

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