VH Balisto Brook - the new number one proven bull is shaking up the rankings in UK

VikingHolstein Balisto Brook is making history in the United Kingdom (UK) ranking number one for the daughter-proven Holstein sires and topping both of the new indexes - autumn and spring calving. “At VikingGenetics we are able to offer farmers the highest reliability with our bulls; what we offer is what we deliver to the farmer. We are really happy that our top selling genomic bull in the UK has become also the number one daughter-proven bull”, Sara Wiklert Petersson, Chief Sales Officer from VikingGenetics says.
VH Brook is also moving the foundations of cattle breeding in the UK. “In a brand-new ranking dominated by US genetics, the Danish-bred Viking bull, VH Balisto Brook, rises to the top, graduating from the young sire genomic ranking with early milking daughters”, AHDB states in a press release published today saying “Viking incursion breachers US stronghold”. 

VH Brook’s Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) of £794 is the highest of the available proven bulls and reflects the high fat and protein percentages in his Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA), at +0.23% and +0.12% respectively. He combines this with breed-leading udder health figures (-40 SCC, -5 Mastitis), reflecting the significant emphasis placed on these traits over many years in the Nordic countries, the communication from the UK Dairy continues.

VH Balisto Brook is also at the top of the Across-breed autumn calving list which is clearly dominated by Holsteins. 

“At the top of this ranking is the Danish-bred VH Balisto Brook, the bull which also leads the way for Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI) and features in the top five for Spring Calving Index (£SCI). With an ACI of £668, Brook is the first of 10 Holsteins to take the top 10 places on this across-breed ranking, designed to pinpoint the sires which transmit economic superiority in a typical autumn block-calving, winter-housed, UK situation”, the AHDB Dairy informs.

Brook features excellent milk solids and outstanding udder health and has the best TB Advantage prediction in the top five ranked on £ACI (the new Autumn Calving Indexes).  

Claus Langdahl, VikingGenetics’ Breeding and Product Manager says that VH Brook is an example of how long term selection for health and fertility as well as good components shows outstanding genetics that provides profitable cows for farmers all over the world. “High ranking genomic bulls show their worth – measured on milking daughters, and our selection philosophy works for the UK system”, he says. 

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