The April index run of Germany announced an interesting change in their focus. Germany introduced a new overall health index and are next in line to see the value of cost reduction also from a breeding perspective – a focus that the Nordic countries and VikingGenetics have had for over 40 years. 
RZhealth, the new index, is a combination of udder health, hoof health, reproduction and metabolic diseases.


The unique top position of VikingHolstein is very easily visible when looking at the ranking of bulls on this index. Top of the list is dominated with VikingHolstein bulls – 12 of 15 top bulls are VikingGenetics’ bulls. VH Bradoc (VH Blush x VH Bynke) gNTM +27 is the leader. 
On sub-indices it looks like this;
  • Udder health: 7 of the top 15 bulls are VikingHolstein with VH Oonsun as no. 1
  • Hoof health: VH Oxel is the no. 1
  • Reproduction: 7 of the top 15 are VikingHolstein with a shared no 1 position between VH Best VH Bradoc and VH Gaucho
Source: German index calculation center VIT (VIT.DE)

Focus on solids

In addition to the new focus on health, Germany also added extra weight on milk solids. The position of VikingHolstein bulls is impressive measured by solids production too: 

  • Fat% index: 5 of the top 10 bulls are VikingHolstein with VH Faur and VH Gambler as no 2 and 3
  • Protein % index: 7 of the top 15 bulls are VikingHolstein with VH RulerRC, VH Gambler and VH Faur as no. 1, 2 and 3.

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