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Use genomic testing in your herd

The keyword in using genomic test as a management tool is to increase the genetic level in the herd. This is done by selecting the genetically superior females as dams of the next generation of heifer calves. Without genomic breeding values this is done on the basis of pedigree indices – with lower reliabilities.

Reasons to use genomic testing:


#1 Categorize your female animals into different breeding strategies

#2 Identify bulls that complement the females’ strengths and weaknesses

#3 Optimize decisions regarding the use of sexed semen

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Genetic improvement 

When you breed for healthy cows, you invest in the future of your herd. You get fewer diseases for each generation so the investment will pay off exponentially by each generation. 

The genetic improvement achieved with VikingGenetics’ solutions is permanent and cumulate through generations

Select the best replacement animals

Genomic testing of your females on the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) scale with more than 40 traits genetically evaluated is an advanced tool for ensuring you focus on the right replacement heifers for the next generation.  

This can significantly increase your herd’s genetic improvement. Genomic testing on the NTM scale is available for purebred Holstein, Red and Jersey.

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The genomic test results are updated monthly for three years. Each time you receive the updated results - you can use them to make more profitable breeding decisions

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Genomic testing on the NTM scale is part of VikingGenetics' total breeding solution.

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