sexed semen

VikingGenetics' solution for sexed semen are called X-Vik and Y-Vik.

 Using sexed X-Vik semen on your top females ensures you to get 90% heifer calves from your best females. 

To make genetic progress in your herd, you need females for the next generation from your current top cows. By using sexed semen, you can be 90% sure that you will get heifers from your best females. How do you know which females are the genetically best ones? We recommend to take genomic tests on all your females, to know which heifers are the genetically best in your herd and should be inseminated with X-Vik to get most profit. The rest of the herd you can inseminate with conventional semen or beef. 

See which bulls are available with X-Vik doses:
 VikingRed X-Vik
VikingJersey X-Vik

Read more about the tool of using X-Vik together with genomic test on females


VikingGenetics provide also Y-sexed semen from beef bulls. The product is called Y-Vik.

By using Y-Vik, you can be 85% sure to get a bull calf.