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Work side by side with our advisors to develop your herd’s genetic strategy. We help you interpret the test results, identify the best sires to achieve your herd goals and support you in making a complete mating plan.

7 benefits of VikingGenetics’ total breeding solution

  •  Make more accurate decisions with genomic test – higher genetic progress at herd level
  • Categorize your female animals into different breeding strategies
  • Bulls are identified to complement the females’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Optimize decisions regarding the use of sexed semen
  • Identify the best females to be used in advanced reproductive management
  • Manage inbreeding
  • Eliminate errors and reduce your workload

VikingGenetics’ Total Breeding Solution takes care of every step in shaping the future of your dairy herd.

Genomic test for females

Genomic testing of your females on the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) scale is an advanced tool for ensuring you focus on the right replacement heifers for the next generation. This can significantly increase your herd’s genetic improvement

Genomic testing on the NTM scale is available for purebred Holstein, Red and Jersey.

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High-quality bull semen

Using bulls with high NTM ensures you secure traits for health and profitability for your Holstein, Red and Jersey cows. We offer the leading sexed and conventional semen products and a good selection of beef on dairy sires. 

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* To see which bulls have sexed doses available please tick X-Vik in the criteria selection on the top of the bull lists. 

See also our selection of beef on dairy sires 

Rank and select bulls to match
your herd goals

Using the VikRank tool, you can customise your selection index to focus on traits which matter most in your herd. Alternatively, by relying on one of the predefined categories in the VikRank tool, bull selection is straightforward and fast. 

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Optimise your mating online

Using the web-based tool VikMate mating can be optimised to achieve higher genetic gain while at the same time minimising inbreeding

VikMate helps you maintain genetic diversity and control your breeding strategy. 

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