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British Blue

Triple Mix British Blue 

•    Incredible displays style and breed character
•    Excellent ICBF ranking for Growth rate and Carcass Weight   

• Excellent performance figures for Carcass Weight
• Superb muscling throughout
•    Excellent conformation with superb muscling
•    Above average Growth and Muscling

Boroside Incredible£8.00 (50 straws)  
 Born  01.01.2014 
 Herdbook No / Ear TagIE371479981207  
AI Code BB1459  
Boroside Luxury £8.00 (50 straws)   
  Born 05.09.2017 
   Herdbook No   IE372215083231556
  AI CodeBB1742 
 Springhill King Kong£8.00 (50 straws)  
 Born  28.10. 2015
  Herdbook No   B-20151224
Ear TagUK933262904163 
 AI Code  BB1574 

Boroside Incredible 

•    Incredible displays style and breed character
•    Excellent ICBF ranking for Growth rate and Carcass Weight  

£8.00 (50 straws) 
 Herdbook No / Ear Tag
AI Code

Twyning Ash Jailer

An exciting bull demonstrating outstanding growth and muscling. His figures are in the top 1% of the top 1% In the UK with a carcass profitability index of +35 against a breed average of +12. Jailer is an excellent example of the breed.

 Twyning Ash Jailer£8.00 (50 straws) 
 Born 17.04.2014
  Herdbook NoB-20140487 
 Ear tag UK320344702238 
 AI CodeBB1443 

Twyning Ash Blue Energy - Blue

This triple mix has now been used extensively and is giving exceptional results on conception rates, calving ease and calf quality.
For more information see Twyning Ash website. 
£8.00 (50 straws)
Herdbook No.
AI Code BB1258 
Birth date 10/03/2010 
 Ear tagUK320344701531 
Hunter  £8.00 (50 straws)
 Herdbook No.B-20121024 
 AI CodeBB1345 
Birth date 08/06/2012 
 Ear tag UK320344601985 
 Jailer  £8.00 (50 straws)
Herdbook No. B-20140487 
 AI CodeBB1443 
 Birth date 17/04/2014 
 Ear tag UK320344702238 


Ampertaine Ifor

 Superb Limousin sire by the 38,000 gns sire, Ampertaine Foreman
•    Excellent well balanced bull with impressive muscle and shape
•    Suitable for pedigree breeding
•    Widespread Calving Survey completed

Ampertaine Ifor £7.00 (50 straws) 
Birth date  26.09.2013 
  Herdbook No.MGD13-8897 
  Ear tag UK9564385/88-7 
  AI CodeLN2553 

Aberdeen Angus

Woodvale Network 

•    First Place Prize Winner at  Dungannon 2017
•    Tremendous Calving Ease Direct figure of +4.8, placing him in the top 5% of the breed
•    Above Average figures for 200 and 400 Day Growth    

Woodvale Network £7.00 (50 straws)  
Birth date   03.05.2015
  Herdbook No.  UK939271803854
  AI Code AA1532 

Thrunton Rocket

•    Tremendous farmer satisfaction with progeny of Rocket
•    Sired by Netherallan Peter Pershore, noted for his superb breeding ability
•    Exceptional performance figures for both terminal and maternal breeding indexes
•    Widespread calving survey suggests calving ease

Thrunton Rocket £7.00 (50 straws)   
 Born 04.06.2011 
  Herdbook No / Ear TagUK106935301282 
   AI Code AA1340