VikingJersey leading the Way for the Jersey breed in the UK 

  • Four of top five available Jersey bulls are VikingJersey bulls
  • Seven of top ten Available Jersey bulls are VikingJersey
  • All top 10 for International Jersey bulls are VikingJersey
  • Seven of top 10 Genomic Jersey bulls are VikingJersey
  • Six of the top 10 proven sires are VikingJersey
The August proofs for the UK shows an outstanding performance of the VikingJersey bulls. Four of the five top available bulls are sired by Vikinggenetics.  In the United Kingdom we have new front-runner, as Danish VJ Tudvad moves up from third position, with a PLI of £508 following the August proofs.  This high milk quality bull also stands ahead of his closest rivals for reduced cell counts and mastitis (-28 and -4) and improved daughter fertility (+9.2). Second in that list is Danish VJ Link that remains unchanged at number two, but shares this position with newcomer, Danish VJ Raastrup HIHL Gislev, both with a PLI of £482.
VJ Tudvad daughter
VikingJerseys also dominate the genomic rankings with 7 of the top 10 bulls being sired by VikingGenetics, with VJ Hays taking the number 1 spot. At VikingGenetics, we are happy to continuously demonstrate that our breeding goal for VikingJersey is the most profitable choice for dairy farmers not only in the Nordic countries, but around the world as it is now been showing in the United Kingdom.
Moreover, VikingJersey is filling all the places from number one to number 10 top bulls for the International Jersey bulls` list with VJ Tir with a PLI of £648 followed by VJ Ronholm with a PLI of £594.

In addition, seven of the top ten genomic jersey bulls are VikingJersey. The number one position is for VJ Oestermarie Harre Hays (VJ Mosegaard X VJ Engmark); Number two is VJ Hoeholt Jern James and Number three is VJ Ravninggaard Huus Hamlet. 

Regarding the daughter-proven Jersey sires´ ranking, VJ Link with a with a PLI of £482 is the absolute number one followed by VJ Tester (£PLI 465). Six out of the top 10 proven sires are by VikingGenetics. 

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