Viking Bulls dominating PLI December proof in the UK

Top health and fertility VikingGenetics bulls are dominating the December runs in the UK. All our three breeds are at the top of the Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) and the Spring Calving Index (SCI). 

VikingGenetics had yet another great proof run in December. You find Viking bulls in the UK top for Holstein, Red dairy breeds and Jersey, no matter if you look more into PLI or SCI. 

Among the proven Holsteins, VH Clark – the hoof health specialist is the third best Holstein bull on SCI 420. So if you are a spring calving herd, we do for sure have something for you!
VR Fenton leading the Red Dairy breed list 

The VikingReds are dominating the top PLI ranking, holding seven out of the top ten. VR Fenton in No.1 with PLI£585. He is a bull that breeds great production, he is also a good choice for maiden heifers as he is all calving ease. He breeds excellent feet and legs.

VR Gobel is No 2 on PLI# 564. VR Gobel has a daughter proof with 700 daughters being one of the very best in female fertility, mastitis resistance and longevity. His great Fertility Index (FI) is one of the reasons that VR Gobel is the No. 1 red bull for SCI341. 

Two VikingHolsteins at the top of the Holstein breed 

VikingGenetics holds the two top ranks for the SCI for genomic bulls with VH Brixton SCI 509 and VH Brook SCI 507. 

VH Brook is also showing a tremendous PLI£ of 795 that in this proof run gives him a No. 3 on the total UK list. VH Brook is a Balisto son that breeds great production and at the same time improves daughter fertility, udder health and longevity.
VH Brixton SCI 509 is sired by Balisto as well. He is an improver of fat and protein % and he is a true specialist on health traits. His PLI£ is 740. 

Triple Master Jersey 

For the SCI ranking for daughter proven bulls the VikingJersey is dominating! Holding eight of the top 10 places!

Triple breed leader! VJ Hilario is No 1 for SCI as well as PLI on PLI£572 and SCI 492. He is also the best Jersey bull for Fertility index (FI). VJ Hilario breeds stylish cows with super udders.
VJ Tudvad is an excellent SCC (Somatic Cell Count) and mastitis resistance bull, he has a great SCI 468 and PLI£ of 543. 

Left/Above: VJ Hilario daughter no 50670-2123 from Laurids Lund, Ribe
Right/ Below: VJ Hilario daughter no 53448-3184 (Adelgaard Hilario Aisha) from Vagn Lindy Petersen_Skjern

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